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Charles Montgomery Gray Fellow, Newberry Library, May-August 2019
Cartographic Games: Visualizing World-Division in Seventeenth-Century English Geographical Playing Cards

Before ‘Farm to Table’ Fellow, Folger Shakespeare Library, Fall 2019
Cultures of Culinary Preservation: Domestic Arts, Foreign Foodways, and Race in Early Modern Britain
Dr. Park asks the question, “Was food preservation a domesticating act?” Through close reading of Folger rare books and manuscripts, including manuscript recipe books, domestic manuals, botanicals, and travel literature, Dr. Park will explore ways in which preservation and decay of foods reflected broader social concerns about the provenance and “otherness” of food-stuffs in a globalizing world.

Technologies of Immortality: Crafting Transcultural Permanence in Renaissance Drama and Science (in progress)


Glass Bellies and Artificial Wombs: Gender, Science, and Reproduction in Early Modern Alchemical Performance,” Science and Performance, ed. Coleman Nye, special issue of Performance Matters 3.2 (2017): 41-56.

Discandying Cleopatra: Preserving Cleopatra’s Infinite Variety in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra,” Studies in Philology 113.3 (2016): 595-633. Honorable mention prize for best article in the field of early modern women and gender, Society for the Study of Early Modern Women.

Navigating Past, Potential, and Paradise: The Gendered Epistemologies of Discovery and Creation in Francis Godwin’s Man in the Moone and Margaret Cavendish’s Blazing World,” Gendering Time and Space in Early Modern England, eds. Katherine R. Larson and Alysia Kolentsis, special issue of Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme 35.1 (2012): 113-138.


“Vampires, Alterity, and Strange Eating,” in Food and Literature, ed. Gitanjali Shahani, Cambridge University Press, 2018, pp. 270-286.


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