ENG 713 Studies in Seventeenth Century Literature
    Race-Thinking in the Seventeenth Century

    ENG 710 Studies in English Renaissance Literature
    Recipes and Experiments of Science and Magic in Shakespeare’s England


    ENG 381 English Drama to 1800
    Blood and Magic on the Early English Stage [Online]
    Renaissance Avatars: Transformation and Embodiment in Early English Drama

    ENG 343 Topics in Pre-1800 Literature
    Recipes and Race in the Renaissance [Online]

    ENG 340 Shakespeare: Later Plays
    Shakespeare’s “Others”
    Shakespeare’s Mystical Futures

    ENG 339 Shakespeare: Early Plays and Sonnets
    Shakespearean Transformations
    Knowledge/Scientia in Hamlet and Titus Andronicus
    Science, Symbols, & Strangers in Shakespeare

    ENG 332 English Women Writers Before 1800
    Crafting Fantasies: Margaret Cavendish’s Experimental Texts

    ENG 211 Major British Authors, Medieval to 18th Century
    English Epics and the Dark Fantastic
    The Dark Fantastic in Early British Literature [Online]
    World-Mapping and World-Building: Geographical Fictions in Early English Literature
    Imagining New Worlds