ENG 713 Studies in Seventeenth Century Literature
    Race-Thinking in the Seventeenth Century

    ENG 710 Studies in English Renaissance Literature
    Recipes and Experiments of Science and Magic in Shakespeare’s England

    ENG 541 Milton
    Paradise Lost, Paradise Liberated: Knowledge, Power, and Access in Paradise,
    the University, and Beyond


    ENG 381 English Drama to 1800
    Blood and Magic on the Early English Stage [Online]
    Renaissance Avatars: Transformation and Embodiment in Early English Drama

    ENG 343 Topics in Pre-1800 Literature
    Recipes and Race in the Renaissance [Online]

    ENG 340 Shakespeare: Later Plays
    Shakespeare’s “Others”
    Shakespeare’s Mystical Futures

    ENG 339 Shakespeare: Early Plays and Sonnets
    Shakespearean Transformations
    Knowledge/Scientia in Hamlet and Titus Andronicus
    Science, Symbols, & Strangers in Shakespeare

    ENG 332 English Women Writers Before 1800
    Crafting Fantasies: Margaret Cavendish’s Experimental Texts

    ENG 211 Major British Authors, Medieval to 18th Century
    English Epics and the Dark Fantastic
    The Dark Fantastic in Early British Literature [Online]
    World-Mapping and World-Building: Geographical Fictions in Early
    English Literature
    Imagining New Worlds