Presentations & Talks


Modern Language Association • MLA • “Artisans of the Skin: Surface Thinking and Racial Embodiment in 17th-Century Recipe Culture,” roundtable on Seventeenth-Century Race Thinking: Embodiment • #MLA2020 • Seattle, WA • January 2020
What can recipe culture and surface studies contribute to racialized embodiment? I take seriously skin/surface thinking in early modern recipe culture and racial embodiment, to interrogate the ways in which skins and surfaces increasingly became markers of cultural identity, difference, and policing. In this contribution, I speculate about how we might revisit cosmetics/skin crafts in light of the fear of and desire for surface permanence and their implications for seventeenth-century race thinking.
Renaissance Society of America • RSA • “Racial Making/Unmaking and the Embedded Recipe in Ben Jonson’s The Masque of Blackness,” panel on Intersections of Race Formations and Literary Forms • #RenSA2020 • Philadelphia, PA • April 2020
I consider the recipe as an emerging textual—and performative—genre in early modern England which finds itself embedded in other literary forms. I argue that the embedded recipe in Ben Jonson’s The Masque of Blackness enables a reimagining of the relationship between literary form and race formation as layered, by virtue of the recipe’s own textual and performative implications for racial making and unmaking.


Cartography, Ethnography, and Games of Empire: Approaches to Early Modern English Geographical Playing Cards,” Fellows’ Colloquium, Newberry Library • Chicago, IL • 12 June 2019

“‘The Egyptian Oyntment’: Early Modern Women, Race, and the Recipe Archive,” panel “Women Writing Race in Early Modern England” sponsored by the Society for the Study of Early Modern WomenRenaissance Society of America • Toronto, ON • 18 March 2019

“Artisans of Immortality: Science, Recipes, and Race in Early Modern Drama,” Yale Renaissance Colloquium, Dept. of English, Yale University • New Haven, CT • 1 March 2019

“Magic and Monstrosity in Shakespeare’s Global Fairyland,” Insight at Triad Stage, A Midsummer Night’s Dream • Greensboro, NC • 4 November 2018

“Artisans of the Skin and the Preservative Arts: Candying, Cosmetics, and Embalming in Early Modern England,” Renaissance Skin Workshop: Artisans of the Surface in Early Modern Europe, 1450-1750, The Anatomy Museum, King’s College London • London, UK • 20-21 September 2018 (Programme)